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Work Hard, Have Fun. No Drama.

August 15,2012 : 6:09pm
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First off, this blog is going to have changes made to it over the next few weeks. Right now I feel as if its a mess. I’m going to make a page for Fashion, Beauty, Hair Care, Skin Care & ect. There will be tips, tricks and info about the subject in the pages.
This may be a slow change, please keep in mind that i have a child, horses, work & school that I balance my life around. But I hope everyone will enjoy the changes once there here.

Okay. Now that we got that out of the way, Im getting ready for bed. School starts tomorrow. ; /
I wouldn’t say I’m “excited”. Im going back to the place I despise, the people I can only try to tolerate and the endless hours of studying This all means I must go back to pretending or faking. -__- uhg. I must admit. Im a pretty fake person on the outside. I wear fake hair, fake nails, fake teeth whitener,  i have a fake laugh and a very fake smile. But the people that do honestly have an idea about who I am and where I’m going know that I’m far from fake. I’m a very down to earth person on the inside.
 well I’m getting sleep.. goodnight.


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Those songs that express the feelings you can’t say.

August 13,2012 : 11:17pm
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Who’s ready to catch up?

Well, how the hell am I going to add up everything that has went on over the past weeks & put it into this post… I guess I better figure it out.

Things I want to cover:
-Love Life.
-School is coming.

Lets Start~

So we shall begin with what ever fucking {love life} I have. I suppose Anthony my tragic ex lover fits into this space in my life.. 
If your wondering where Anthony and I stand at the moment. I suppose were cuddle buddies. I don’t really know if this is the best thing but its something. I haven’t felt super lonesome since he’s returned into my life. Even tho we may cuddle we don’t really plan on getting back together, but we are going to try to stay close for our sons sake. We have to work out this parenting thing together.
We look at our relationship right now as this, If we ever get back together and are happy, and our son is happy; then great. If we never get back together; then fuck it. haha. I don’t want a relationships and personally I don’t think i believe in true love anymore. But maybe someday ill find someone who ill be happy with.
As for now I’m a single lady. ;)

Oh dear, has my son been growing. He’s 6 months now and is a 97 on his height and in the 50’s on his weight. (1 being low : 50 being normal : 100 being high)
Bes been crawling everywhere and man does he have his mothers temper. >.<
I’m so glad his father, Anthony decided to come back into his life. Anthony is actually being a good dad. I talked to him about myself moving in the future. (Iv told him this in the past) but this time he almost started to cry. Looking at the tears in his eyes brought me back a step. It made me realize just how much Cameron meant to him.
Uhg, iv been so busy with Cameron and now I’m going to be going back to school! Someone kill me quick. Im being forced to go back to drama, bullshit, endless work and pissy people. But my family has promised if it makes my depression worse they’ll put me back in private

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